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LGBT charity

I'm the RainbowWarrior: an LGBTQ+ activist spreading some love in the queer community & fighting for more mental health awareness. 


This website and all my projects strive for the goal to be the role model I missed when I was younger. Growing up gay, being bullied in school, struggling with who I am & being diagnosed with mental health issues made my life pretty shitty.

My message to the LGBTQ+ youth:
You are not alone out there. I understand what it means to be discriminated for who you are & how mental health problems can beat you down every day.


I started RainbowWarrior all by myself but on the journey more and more weirdos joined, creating the amazing, supportive project it is now 😍

Let me be your new friend, standing next to you, being there whenever you need advice, support or just some silly stupid jokes. 


In my blog and on my Instagram page I talk about things that (I think) get way too less attention…

… how to deal w/ homophobic parents

… mental health awareness

… sharing your coming out stories

… dealing with depression & anxiety

… how to embrace your weird flaws 

It's okay to be different because different means special and special is what makes you truly beautiful. 

I recently founded my own LGBTQ+ charity "RainbowWarrior Collection" to raise donations for projects that support the LGBTQ+ youth. 

Let's fight together towards more LGBTQ+ rights and less mental health stigma!


I'd love to have you on my journey.
Wanna join?:)