My Secrets

LGBTQ+ charity

You Ask. I Anwer.

A project like this, that aims to make the world a better place for the LGBTQ+ community, has no space for secrets. 

I will answer EVERY question you have regarding this project PUBLICLY. Whether you want to know how I profit myself or how the donations are calculated... this is the place to uncover all the secrets you are looking for.


What is the costing structure of the products?

The costing structure of the product is as follows:

  Product Price

- manufacturing costs
- taxes & fees (e.g. selling fees of the platform, sales tax, etc.)

- project costs (e.g. web presence, domain, etc.)


Do you pay yourself?

The aim of this project is to generate as many donations as possible for LGBTQ+ charities that support LGBTQ+ youth. I am not trying to gain any personal, financial profits from this project! The legal form of the RainbowWarrior Collection is a so-called "e.V.". That means that I have non-profit status and not only want - but am also legally required to donate all the profits to LGBTQ+ charities (and not hold any money back).


Who are you donating to?

When you read this answer, the project has just started. The organisations that receive the donations are not finalised yet. In general, only charitable LGBTQ+ youth projects and mental-health awareness projects will receive donations. I will update this text as soon as the organisations are chosen. 

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How much is actually donated (in concrete numbers)?

The donation per product is in a range of 3 - 6€. As mentioned in the costing structure I have to pay fixed costs, such as the webspace, a domain, administrative costs and accounting software.
With each product, a small amount is used to pay for these costs & keep the project running. As soon as enough products are sold to cover the costs, this small amount is additionally donated with each further sold product. 


The range also differs for different products. I not only want to generate donations but keep the products at an affordable price for you! 💕

I´m currently looking for sponsors and private (financial) supporters. The more companies and private persons support this project the higher will the donation per product be. 

What do you want to know?

Thanks for your question! :)