Get your Face Cover & support LGBTQ+ youth

100% of the profits made from the face covers are donated to support LGBTQ+ youth during corona.

Why LGBTQ+ youth need your support

Lack of Safe Places


With countrywide shutdowns of schools and youth programs, diminished office hours at LGBTQ+ community centres and, for many of them, unsupportive family members - safe places are breaking away. 

Domestic Violence


It is estimated that due to stay at home orders domestic violence against LGBTQ+ youth will rise. The crisis hotline of the Trevor Project  (an LGBTQ+ youth project) already experienced an increase in contact volume.

mental health issues


LGBTQ+ youth is in general more likely than non-LGBTQ+ youth to struggle with their mental health. Due to Corona it is expected that mental health problems will significantly rise.

Projects that receive the profit:


About RainbowWarrior Collection

RainbowWarrior Collection is an accredited non-profit project. We create & sell small collections of products with unique pride designs to raise donations for LGBTQ+ charities. Due to Corona, next to a shirt and a bag - you can also purchase a face mask!

Accredited Non-Profit Status


R.C. is accredited with a non-profit status by the state of Germany. 100% of the profit ist donated to LGBTQ+ charities. After each Collection, a financial statement is published to assure you full transparency.

Limited Collections

LGBTQ Charity.png

Each R.C. is made of 1 - 3 products with a unique pride design. Each Collection is exclusively available only for a limited amount of time until the next Collection is launched.

High Quality

High Quality.png

Before a new Collection launches, every product is tested for several weeks (including wearing & washing) to assure highest quality of all items. Should there be any problems you can send the item back & get a new one.

About the founder (me)

I grew up in a very homophobic environment & suffered serious mental health issues for many years. 

It took me a long time to accept me for who I am and to proudly call myself a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

One of the greatest things in my life was the decision to become "the RainbowWarrior" - my dream to be a role model for struggling LGBTQ+ youth.

I use my platform to raise awareness for mental health issues and to support LGBTQ+ rights. 

With the non-profit project "RainbowWarrior Collection" I want to raise donations for LGBTQ+ charities that support LGBTQ+ youth & mental health awareness - and eventually save lives.

Get your face cover now - stay safe & support LGBTQ+ youth to do so too.