RainbowWarrior is not me.

RainbowWarrior is us.

LGBTQ youth community

I started RainbowWarrior all by myself but on the journey more and more weirdos joined, creating the amazing, supportive project it is now😍 It became like an own small LGBTQ+ movement.

Everyone has a message. Let´s share it 💌

LGBTQ+ charity
LGBTQ youth messages

I created "RainbowWarrior Messages" to give everyone a voice to share their message💖 Not only members of LGBTQ+ youth but the complete queer community & all LGBTQ+ allies are welcome to participate. All new videos are posted on Instagram & Facebook and are stored permanently on this website. Go check out, what your fellow weirdos have to say!💕🌈 If you want to share your own message, you can do so by using the contact form.

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Video Stars

I regularly do (smaller & bigger) video projects in which you can participate by sharing your experiences & giving advice to our fellow weirdos💕

These are the latest projects:
RainbowWarrior Messages
Coming Out Video

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Language Lovers

All RainbowWarrior videos have subtitles to make them accessible for deaf & hard of hearing humans. If you want to help adding English subtitles... join us ❣

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Partners are other organisations  I´m joining forces with to realize bigger projects.

Latest Project:

Coming Out Video

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Admins are running the RainbowWarrior Doodles Instagram page.

We are not always looking for new admins, but if you´re interested just contact me:)

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